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The Procurement Administration publishes announcements and updates on various subjects from time to time

Reports on tenders and exempt agreements of ministries and subordinate units

Reports are updated once a month. This report is updated as of: 30.09.2021

Reports on ministry contracts The Government Procurement Administration attaches great importance to providing the public with information, transparency, and proper administration. The reports system, with a visual display in different segments (dashboard) makes it possible to view data published by ministries and their authorized units:

  • To view dashboard reports on exempt tenders and agreements and competitive process – click here  

    ** It is only possible to view computer options  


In addition to the aforesaid reports, a summary report is also published once a year on agreements of ministries and their authorized units (in Excel format)

  • To view the tenders report – click here
  • To view the exempt agreements and competitive processes report – click here