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Below is a summary of suppliers databases (lists of bidders) maintained by ministries (links to the database pages)


Databases of suppliers in different sectors

Ministries maintain suppliers' databases by different specializations, according to their needs, as part of government procurement processes. The suppliers databases are published together on this page of the Government Procurement Administration website, which includes additional information, such as database enrollment procedures, database activity, and lists of bidders. The government suppliers' databases are administered pursuant to the Mandatory Tenders Law, 5752-1992, the Mandatory Tenders Regulations, 5753-1993 and the provisions of the TAKAM (Regulations, Finance and Economy Directives) relevant to this issue in Chapter 7.7.2 of the TAKAM. The provisions on this issue reflect the government procurement principles, including equal opportunity, good governance and transparency, effectiveness and competition. By administering suppliers’ databases, the ministries intend to expand their pool of suppliers, while improving and securing the efficiency of the supply chain and increasing quality control and the grade of the products and services purchased. Inquiries on the subject of the suppliers’ databases of ministries are to be addressed to the database administrator of the relevant ministry. Inquiries of ministries on establishing and managing suppliers' databases are to be addressed to the Government Procurement Administration via "Contact".