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The Procurement Administration publishes announcements and updates on various subjects from time to time

Nimbus Tender

Project Nimbus is a cross-government project intended to provide a comprehensive framework for the provision of cloud services to the Government of Israel.

The project includes a number of layers that address the provisioning of the cloud services themselves, the formulation of the government policy regarding cloud migration, controls and optimization.

Project Nimbus is managed by a dedicated team led by the Government Procurement Administration in collaboration with the ICT Authority, INCD, legal department and budget department at the Ministry of Finance, the ministry of Defense and the IDF.

For more information, visit the website: https://govextra.gov.il/nimbus-mr-gov-il/.


The Government Procurement Administration is now launching another Layer of Project Nimbus – Central Tender 01-2022 for the Addition of Services to the Government Cloud Marketplace. The tender aims to make cloud services offered by various vendors (ISVs – Independent Software Vendors) in the marketplace of the government's chosen cloud providers, AWS and GCP, accessible, so that these will be available for purchase by the government ministries and additional government units in the government digital marketplaces that will be established on the basis of the marketplace of each of the cloud providers.


For the tender documents and additional information regarding the tender, please enter the tender page on the website of the government procurement administration: https://mr.gov.il/ilgstorefront/en/p/4000553566.